Sharing maps on the web has never been easier

Are you ready to align your spatial data to this ever-evolving world with web mapping server?

Do you need specific construction and economic parameters of your development ideas?

Enlight them with feasibility study provided by our urban planners, researchers and GIS analysts.

Is it your spatial data waiting to give you answers?

Leave all the technical issues to our GIS experts and analysts.


We can evaluate the potential of your idea for property development or any other in order to assist you to prevent losses, unexpected expenses, low profitability and low return on investment.

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We create maps facilitating functional, demographical, socio-economical, cluster, location-allocation analysis and for evaluation of potential risk of disasters and especially flood risk management. Our maps could be also designed for analysis and evaluation of elevation, slopes, aspects and hot-spots.

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We locate (geocoding) addresses, coordinates and descriptions of places from provided lists. After that we apply georeferencing that aligns any dots, properties and maps to already available geographic coordinate systems in GIS databases.

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We will help you to archive all your piles of paper through vectorization and digitizing of raster images, maps, drawings and any documents. In addition, for optimal management, we upload all of it in fully-functioning geo-databases (GIS).

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We provide implementation of individual strategic projects or support in the development process of strategic documents to your team on regional, inter-municipal, municipal and local level.

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We are focused in supporting companies and interdisciplinary teams that develop master urban plans on different administrative levels with analysis, forecasting, zoning, mapping, geocoding and georeferencing.

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We develop detailed site plan for individual properties and neighborhoods. We provide different levels of site planning in line with the needs of our clients – basic site plan, medium detailed site plan and full detailed site plan.

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We will help to revive your properties and escape from the “spiral of decline“. You can change and also reorganize problematic functions in order to overcome current conditions, optimize processes and find new opportunities.

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In terms of GIS related task we’d go nowhere else.

Company for urban planning

… as usual – top quality results.

Architectural studio

Your automation tools reduced 10 times the working hours needed for the task.

Business intelligence professional

Your maps are incredible. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Strategic development company


Full Legal Capacity for Design

in urban planning, issued by Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria

30+ projects

in the field of strategic planning and urban planning for the past 3 years

GIS Award

for implementation of GIS technologies, issued by ESRI Bulgaria Inc.