Branch network growth research


Branch network growth research validates the need for a new store or office location in a particular settlement. The study delivers recommendations based on analyses and information to whether open (or not) new stores/ offices. Nevertheless, new locations are followed by substantial investments. Furthermore, proper validation of financial returns plays an important role for every organization, including starting businesses.

Branch network growth research assists to entrepreneurs, investors, head of branch network, wholesalers and retailers to evaluate a set of possible locations for a new store/ office. The study answers to the following question “Is it worth it to open this store?“. Certainly, it will prevent waste of money in store location with low potential.

At Urban Mapper we strive to provide quantitative branch network growth research with spatial component. It will improve your decision making process in terms of whether to open (or not) new store locations. On the other hand, it prevents waste of money, reduces risk, saves time and most importantly increases financial results.





Key differentiators

Demographic profile of potential customers

… that will allow you to get better understanding of your target audience. Additionally, this means more precise situation of communication activities and proper services offered.

Purchasing power of potential customers

… that will allow you to get familiar with income of the target audience. In other words, it means also knowledge about “What part of it do they spent on products/services in your sector?”.

Traffic study on local level

… that will allow to know the total number of vehicles that are passing by (specific location) every day. Respectively, it means proper estimation of direct and indirect attraction of potential customers from transportation network.

Analyses of preferred locations

Analyses of preferred locations

… comparative analyses between location with top potential in order to select the location with expected highest profitability. In other words filter out the most promising location based on solid scientific methods;

Competitive analyses

… that will allow you to localize all competitive stores in a particular settlement or region. Most importantly, it means you can evaluate store density and prevent lack of clients. In addition, it will be foundation to fine tune market positioning, unique selling proposition (USP) and product prices.

Spatial competitive analyses

Accessibility study

… that will allow you to check all possible sources of customers from all types of transportation. Respectively, they might be different types of public transport, private vehicles, bicycles, including commercial buildings.

Attitude of customers toward own brand

… you might find answers such as “do they know me?”, “do I have existing clients?”, “what are the most preferred competitive brands?”, “Is there any barriers in front of our brand?” and etc.






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Product applications


... people that want to start business or invest money in a store in order to improve long-term financial condition.

Local and foreign investors

... evaluating the opportunities to start a new business or invest money in land, property, buildings or other fixed assets in a particular area of interest.

Retail and wholesale owners

... that have a network of stores, they need to evaluate a list of potential locations for a new store, but they are not quite sure which will be the most profitable one.

Head of branch network

... that needs to plan, evaluate and optimize the entire network of stores for more rational coverage and better service delivery.





Technical information (under the hood)

Data collection

... primary data collection of key indicators as traffic, number of passengers, access and many more indicators.

Public and private databases

... of demographic, social, economical, ecological and many more indicators.

Logistic and transport analyses

... access, attracting potential clients, potential of the context, etc.

Market analyses

... purchase power, consumer behavior, etc.

GIS and spatial analyses

... using the power of geospatial analyses, integration of all data and find insights.





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