Branch Network Optimization


Branch network optimization is a study that explores possible options to decrease the number of stores, yet without reduction of clients. In other words, the overall goal is to secure good territory coverage with stores, but with lower number of stores on overall. Of course, the most desired outcome of decision makers is cost reduction.

Branch network optimization research allows to CEO’s, Head of branch network, wholesalers and retailers to reduce costs for reaching clients. The research answers to the following - “How (is it) possible to reduce the number of stores without losing clients?”.

At Urban Mapper we strive to provide accurate quantitative research with geospatial data. It provides a scientific prove, whether to close (or not) a particular store and what will be the most possible outcome. Nevertheless, it means – clear decision making process, risk reduction, optimization of time and better financial results on overall.





Key differentiators

Analyses of competitive branch network

… strives to evaluate the influence of the competition on the market and what will be the outcome in case our client close a particular store – what will happen with our clients, are they going to switch to completion, etc.

Analyses of transport and mobility

… evaluates sources of access to a store, pedestrians, type of transport, station of public transport, parking, bicycle transport, public facilities and etc.

Usage and attitude analyses

… what potential clients prefer and use, what is their attitude towards own brand and competitive brands, why they prefer competition, are there any barriers for own stores/ brand, etc.

branch network optimization

Analyses of own branch network

… the main goal of this feature is evaluation of overlapping store locations and possible cannibalization of clients between different stores.

Demographic profile of potential customers

… our clients get familiar with geospatial distribution of the target audience and this means better communication strategy on local level.

demographic analysis





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Product applications

Retail and wholesale owners

... that have a network of stores, they need to evaluate their performance or reduce the number of store, but they are not quite sure what will be effect of there actions.

Head of branch network

... that needs to plan, evaluate and optimize the entire network of stores for more rational coverage and better service delivery.





Technical information (under the hood)

It enables optimization of spatial data sharing, improves communication flow and secures data integrity of a geo-project.

Data collection

... primary data collection of key indicators as traffic, number of passengers, access and many more indicators.

Public and private databases

... of demographic, social, economical, ecological and many more indicators.

Logistic and transport analyses

... access, attracting potential clients, potential of the context, etc.

Market analyses

... purchase power, consumer behavior, etc.

GIS and spatial analyses

... using the power of geospatial analyses, integration of all data and find insights.





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