Company details

Company, vision, mission and details of our values

Urban Mapper Ltd. is a company for strategic and urban planning. Therefore, we help society, business and property owners to reach the full potential of their ideas for the ultimate goals of better way of live and high return on investments. We create and implement all these spatial solutions with geographic information systems (GIS) and decision making process based on demographic, economic, social, infrastructure and etc. analysis and forecasting.


Prosperity, mobility and environmental sustainability in our settlements for the current and future generations.


To provide strategic and urban planning that will focus our investments and lead to positive multiplication outcomes for everyone.

To improve and diversify our transportation, communication and infrastructure networks.

To create and implement better, environmentally sustainable models in our settlements.


Excellence and professional attitude in all services and products that we provide to our clients.

Dialogue and respect with customers and between employees within the company.

Focus over the goals of our clients.

Transparency in the communication.

Flexibility with our clients and internally in the company.