Meaning, process and benefits for society from conversion and renewal

We will help to revive your properties and escape from the “spiral of decline“. In other words with renewal you can change and also reorganize the functions in order to pass the current conditions, optimize processes and find new opportunities for development.

What is urban conversion and renewal?

This planning process give you new opportunities for growth. You have old, empty and neglected factory that attract problems like a magnet or declining neighborhood or settlement that less and less people want to live in. Conversion is the process that will turn everything in fully functional modern structures and will stop degradation of properties.

How this will help you?

You will be able to get the maximum potential of your properties and better return on investments.

What is the process of urban conversion and renewal?

The process involve the local population, property owners, business, institutions and local governments and strive to focus all of them to one goal – stop the process of declining and revive growth of urban economics. Generally the implementation processes are as follows:

 Problems: Identification of all problematic areas and hot spot analysis;

 Stakeholders: Involvement of both local communities, property owners, business and institutions;

 Surveys: What is the vision of local population for the future development;

 Conversion: Determine the new functions and combine them in order to get the best possible return on investments;

 Timeline: What are the actions that we should implement in time;

 Finance: Who will and want to invest in this process, what funds are available?

Why us?

Strong analytical and theoretical background.

Participation in a couple of urban regeneration plans.

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