Meaning, process and benefits for society from detailed urban planning

We make detailed plan for properties according to Bulgarian legislation and you will receive the top construction parameters for building. Additionally we can make analysis in order to support your decision making process for utilization of the buildings and the expected return on investments.

What is detailed urban planning?

The purpose of detailed planning is to allow property owners to build buildings without conflict with other property owners. In other words to assure a better comfort of living and operations for all owners. This goal is implemented with actual function, construction parameters and with compliance with the city’s technical infrastructure passing in the property.

How this will help you?

It is the first step from the building process. Most commonly it is used to change the use of agricultural land for the purposes of construction, modification and adjustments to existing plan, change the construction options of already regulated properties i.e. you want to build a semi-detached house with your neighbor, split or merge of regulated properties.

What is the process of detailed urban planning?

The process splits in two phases. The First phase is to make application form addressed to the mayor of the respective municipality from the property owner or its legally approved proxy. The needed documents are as follow:

 Application form;
Document for ownership;
A document for property boundaries;
A document for payment;
   Motivation of the investment of the property owner;
Technical brief;

14 days after accepted application form, the mayor approve or decline development of detailed urban plan motivate by the chief architect/urban planner of the municipality.

The Second phase – confirmation from utility companies for already created project – electricity, water and sewage water treatment and other. After that the project is again sent to the mayor of the municipality for final confirmation. The needed documents are as follow;

 Application form;
Document for ownership;
A document for payment;
Detailed plan project original and two 2 copies;
All confirmation letters from the municipality, utility companies, regional inspection for environment and water and other institutions.

Why us?

We are all digital – we use computers, drawing software, e-mail and other modern technologies;
Flexible – in terms of time, communication options and information resources.
We are experienced urban planners registered and licensed by The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria;

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