Feasibility study


Feasibility study (aka development appraisal) is a process used to collect information, supposed to support decision making process about viability and realization of a particular investment idea. In essence, the study contain data for total available market and potential market of a service/product, where it will be located, context of the construction site, procedural and time related risks that may occur during project execution and putting it in operation.

The study allows to property owners, investors, stakeholders, supply chain development experts (retail, utilities etc.) to answer the following question “Is it worth it to invest in this property/idea?”. Respectively, if there is available financial resources, good idea, appropriate location, favorable context and most of all market demand that will secure the development and return on investment. In this manner, the answer of the above question might be positive or negative, depending on the presence of listed features/ resources.

At Urban Mapper we strive to provide qualitative and quantitative information, acute data analyses, good forecasts, spatial data and spatial analyses facilitating the response of the above question and any additional questions of our clients. Being able to contribute to the return on investment, avoid any unexpected obstacles in implementation process is a great “information foundation” for further construction planning and building processes.





Key differentiators

Available statistical data

… provides to our clients the opportunity to use 253 sets of up-to-date statistical information for Bulgaria, and that means to accurately determine the total available market and demand of your investment idea.

Specialized registers

… that will allow you to get deep-dive analyses of the competitive environment, and that means precise evaluation of all companies offering specific service/ product in an administrative unit/ market.

Automated solutions and instruments

… for online data scrapping, that will allow you to get vast sets of information about services/ products offered in the geographical scope of the idea, and that means clear response of “what do they offer?”.

Constructions site exploration

... that will allow you to collect information about master plan (if any), detailed site plan (if any), construction parameters, available infrastructure, transport network, ecological networks, sources of pollution, geological risks and other. For our clients that means avoidance of any unexpected construction, procedural and time related risks of execution.

Statistical and spatial analyses

… spotting opportunities of economical development and respectively answer of the question “what will be most appropriate to build?”.





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Product applications

Land owners with investment initiatives

... that would like to build a house, villa, commercial building or something else, but need measurable parameters and context information, in order to skip any potential risks and unforeseen delays in project execution.

Local and foreign investors

... evaluating the opportunities to start a new business or invest money in land, property, buildings or other fixed assets in a particular area of interest.

Wholesale and retail chains

... assessing one or more new possible locations for expansion of the supply chain network in a particular settlement of interest.

Utility companies

... expanding the network in new areas for better coverage and client servicing.

Waste management companies

... extending the geographical coverage of the network, reducing transportation costs of collected waste and securing regular deliveries to recycling plants.

Real estate agencies

... providing services for local and international clients, searching for new opportunities to increase the number of answers that might provide to customers at planning level stage.





Technical information (under the hood)

We are using all available information and top analytical skills to determine precisely the market potential and identify all competitive locations. Nevertheless, we strive to explore opportunities for better return on investment after putting in operation the proposed ideas of our clients.

Data collection

... onsite data collection, remote data collection, desk research, incl. coding of specialized software for web scrapping of specific data in interest.

Deep dive analyses

... of the collected information including from specialized registers and databases.

Management summary and recommendations

... solving initially addressed issues.





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