What is feasibility study?

Feasibility study (aka development appraisal) is the document that will prevent all financial, procedural, and time related risks. Additional step in the process is financial feasibility. It will give answer of the question “Is it worth it?” to invest in the property.

How this will help you?

Primarily, the study is used to determine the price to be bid for a specific property (if not acquired yet). Logically, the landowner will sell his land to the offer with highest bid. One of the tasks is to determine the highest bid that a potential developer can make and still meet their return for the project.

A second major issue for development appraisal is to determine profit or loss for the implemented idea. A substantial component of this stage is to evaluate different designs or schemes in order to obtain the most effective one.

Third, it is a well-known fact that each construction project is long process that need big investment in order to be fully complete. In this manner there is no room for errors, missing information or any other “gaps” in documentation, information, or context that may significantly increase the investment or completely cancel the project on a particular stage of the process.

What is the process?

We collect and evaluate the information for each of the following fields:

Property boundaries and neighbors
Construction parameters
Distance from nearby buildings
Access to infrastructure
Infrastructure passing by the property
Road access

Why to choose us?

We have substantial experience in research, strategic planning and master urban planning. Check the feasibility of your ideas and reduce any unexpected risks!