Geocoding service is transforming a text description of locations (address, name of location, list of objects) into geographic coordinates. It allows you to locate every item from a list on the earth surface. In addition, you can relate these objects with other already available geographic and statistical information.

Geocoding service allows suppliers, couriers, logistic and transportation companies to reach the exact shipment location of their clients. As a result, companies will be able to improve their delivery routes and optimize transportation costs.

At Urban Mapper we strive to deliver top quality geocoding service, that can improve the accuracy of deliveries of your team in terms of less wrong addresses, optimization of delivery routes and informed decision making process for the environment that you operate in.





Key differentiators


… we can derive information from statistical data sources (public or private) and this will allow you to expand the opportunities for better decision making process in your organization.

Geographic accuracy

… preliminary geocoding of addresses will allow you to validate these locations in advance and this means delivery at the exact locations of your clients, with shortest route, without any delay.

POI relevance

… you may need to relate these geographic information with other available geographic data and extract indirect information, such as administrative units, property data, morphological or other data.





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Product application

Suppliers and curriers

... have the opportunity to validate the addresses and reach the exact location without unnecessary delay of shipments.

Logistic companies

... will be able to find the shortest route for everyday delivery locations and this means - lower costs and less unhappy clients.


... will be able to locate completion in a particular settlement of interest and this means less competitive presence, better estimation of potential clients and more stable business on the long run.

Developed business

... you will be able map all possible new locations for network growth and expansion and this means more context for proper decision making process and proper estimation of potential customers.





Technical information (under the hood)

Automated geocoding

... we are developing and improving a lot of software solutions for automated geocoding of addresses on local and international level that allow us to reduce the price per item.

Automated reverse geocoding

... we apply geocoding from coordinates to physical address in order to additionally  improve the quality of data from the first step.

Logical checks

... we apply logical check that will additionally reduce the number of addresses not possible for geocoding.

Manual geocoding

... in case there is a lot of errors in the initially provided addresses, we apply manual geocoding in order to be absolutely sure that our clients get top quality results.





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