Cultural Heritage Route in Sofia

Cultural Heritage Route in Sofia

Route of the history and spirit of Sofia.

This is a project for the historical development of the city of Sofia in its complexity and diversity. Complexity – because it cover all historical periods from the development of the city and combine it in a single cultural route. Diversity – because it share the importance of each individual element in the period it was build and it present function.

The idea?

The idea comes from urb. Zdravko Petrov and the project was lanched in this summer (2017). The focus of this project are students, visitors, tourist and citizens. People that want to know all development stages of this city up to now. For more information how to participate please click here.

Why it is necessary?

Based on the Information system for management and monitoring of the structural instruments of EU in Bulgaria during the period 2007-2013 more than 142M BGN were invested in cultural and historical monuments. All this funding was focused for renewal and popularization. Many of these sites are individual parts from our settlements. In order to preserve this heritage and boost tourism we need to implement this kind of routes.

How to implement the model in your settlement?

Sofia is a starting point for expansion in another settlements. If you want to make your settlement more attractive for the tourist please contact us.